What Is Strategic APM?

Strategic asset performance management systems use vast amounts of data to create insightful analytics to enable better decision making, which can improve productivity, safety, and reliability as well as drive operational excellence.

Data collected via sensors embedded in energy and manufacturing equipment can provide a plethora of data to be analyzed at the edge or remotely via a cloud platform. This operational data, combined with sophisticated analytics and machine learning, can provide actionable intelligence to operate and maintain assets in the most efficient way possible.

Strategic APM offerings can span preventive, predictive, and prescriptive maintenance to minimize downtime and increase the overall value and life of an asset. The continuous analysis of operational data can enable an understanding of an asset’s past, current, and future performance to help drive informed decisions. Collecting and placing data from connected assets in a centralized data repository can provide business units across an organization with a unified view of information and analysis. Enterprise access to this data can be leveraged in multiple ways to improve operational efficiencies for asset management.